Programs & Projects

Ask Minda Now!

It is an online talk show where we invite everyone to post ANY questions they have about Mindanao. Selected questions will receive a smiling token from SMAYL. This series aims to provide answers to grey and blurry connotation about Mindanao which oftentimes are fertile grounds for biases and misconceptions.

1-2-3, SMAYL

It is a digital photo series that describes Mindanao in the everyday context especially those that do not get the spotlight. It aims to showcase Mindanao stories from the ground and introduce to outsiders the other ‘faces’ of Mindanao, beyond the conflict the media usually depict. 

SMAYL writes

It is an online platform where we publish op-eds, essays, poems, and articles about a variety of topics on youth, peace, and conflict. Topics may talk about Mindanao but this is not a requirement as we encourage a variety of topics from other conflict and post-conflict contexts. This platform is open to Mindanaoan and non-Mindanaoan writers who would like to publish their work on an online platform. It aims to provide a space for writers and contribute to the body of knowledge in the intersectional field of youth, peace, and conflict.